Call for Proposals for Daldhis (Build Your Country); Peace Building Fund in Somalia UNDP/SOM/CFP/2017/009


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Дата публикации: 22-06-2017
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Call for Proposals for Daldhis (Build Your Country); Peace Building Fund in Somalia UNDP/SOM/CFP/2017/009
Procurement Process : Other
Office : Country Office - SOMALIA
Deadline : 17-Jul-17
Posted on : 22-Jun-17
Development Area : RURAL DEV’T. (MISCELLANY)
Reference Number : 38642
Link to Atlas Project :
00060645 - Poverty Reduction and Environment Protection (PREP)
Documents :
Call for Proposals - Daldhis
Overview :

Call for Proposals for Daldhis (Build Your Country); Peace Building Fund ​in Somalia




Daldhis (Build Your Country) Project







UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in 177 countries and territories, we offer global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations


This Call for Proposals (CFP) is specifically related to Daldhis (Build Your Country) project; the Peace Building Fund in Somalia through the UNDP Somalia Poverty Reduction & Environment Protection (PREP) Programme.




This project aims to present a renewed commitment to working with local community leaders, elders, formal and informal justice services and newly selected local governments, in collaboration with state ministries, to entrench stability and peace, enhance social service delivery, provide economic opportunities for young men and women and provide an accessible system for resolution of people dispute and determination of their rights. In effect, by improving the demand and the offer of governance, this project constitutes the first concerted programmatic effort to translate the Community Recovery and Extension of State Authority and Accountability (CRESTA) in to practice.


The project combines successful elements of past and on-going UN joint programmes aimed at rule of law, local governance, social reconciliation, community stabilization and youth employment. In order to achieve these outcomes, this project proposes to support the implementation of activities from three existing joint programmes, namely the Joint Programme for Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery, the Joint Programme for Rule of Law, and the Youth Employment for Somalia through, an area based approach, in Jubbaland and South West State of Somalia.


The youth employment component of this project aims to provide the 200 youth at risk (IDPs, refugees, and youth at risk of engaging in illicit activities) with social rehabilitation support, market-based vocational training and education and/or basic business skills (approximately 100 in Jubbaland and 100 in South West) and rehabilitating at least four productive and/or community assets (two in Jubbaland and two in South West), examples might include hospitals, water points, feeder roads and community assets.





The objective of this Call for Proposals is to implement the youth employment component of Daldhis Project (Build Your Country);


Outcome 2: Communities in South and Central Somalia generate the demand for, and benefit from local governance, security, justice, economic and social solutions.

2.3 Strengthened enabling environment through Youth Engagement / Employment / PPP dialogue and local economic development.



Detailed scope of work and related outputs and deliverables are provided in the Terms of Reference – Annex 1


Final Beneficiaries

Eligible proposals will be those focused on achieving the specified results and targeting 200 youth at risk (IDPs, refugees, and youth at risk of engaging in illicit activities) in the Southwest State and the Jubbaland State as the direct and final beneficiaries.





Proposed Methodology, Approach, quality assurance plan and Implementation Plan – this section should demonstrate the NGO’s response to the Terms of Reference by identifying the specific components proposed, how the outputs/ delivery shall be addressed, as specified; providing a detailed description of the essential performance characteristics proposed; identifying the works/portions of the work that will be subcontracted.

Moreover, the proposal should demonstrate how the proposed methodology meets or exceeds the TOR, while ensuring appropriateness of the approach to the local conditions and the rest of the project operating environment. This methodology must be laid out in an implementation timetable and a quality assurance.


Management Structure and Resource (Key Personnel) – This section should include the comprehensive description of the management structure and information regarding required resources including curriculum vitae (CVs) of key personnel that will be assigned to support the implementation of the proposed methodology, clearly defining the roles and responsibilities vis-à-vis the proposed methodology. CVs should establish competence and demonstrate qualifications in areas relevant to the TOR.


The following proposed format can be used – See Annex 2




  • Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


1) Sound technical proposal that includes innovative and replicable inclusion mechanisms to maximize the value transfer to the beneficiaries.


2) High impact interventions directly targeting and responding to the needs established in the Terms of Reference (ToR).


3) Size of budget requested commensurate with the organization’s proven administrative and financial management capacity.


4) Participatory monitoring and evaluation that will contribute to building a sense of ownership among the beneficiaries to promote the sustainability of the interventions.




Summary of Technical Proposal Evaluation Forms


Score Weight


Points Obtainable



Introduction including NGO/CSO Eligibility, Experience and Qualifications





Operations: Management Arrangement, Project Management, Implementation and Support





Budget and Finance: Fund Management Capacity in Somalia (including HACT assessment rating), proposal budget and Project Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency)





Design, Methodology, Approach, Quality Assurance Plan, M&E and Implementation Plan





Resources and Qualifications of Key Personnel













  • Evaluation methodology: Quality based under Fixed Budget Selection (QB-FBS)


QB-FBS methodology implies that all proposals have the same maximum overall price (which cannot exceed a known fixed budget amount), focusing the selection on the quality of the proposal and the CSO/ NGO proposed approach and methodology. CSO have to provide their best technical proposal and financial breakdown (within the budget) in one single envelope (clearly stating proposed overheads). Evaluation of all technical proposals shall be carried out, in accordance with below outlined evaluation criteria, and the institution which obtains the highest technical score shall be selected. CSOs/ NGOs exceeding the established fixed budget in their financial proposals will be rejected


Proposals have to translate community needs into implementable activities by the NGOs/CSOs. Under QB-FBS, assessment focuses on maximizing transfer of value to the beneficiary user within a given budget.


  • Budget size and duration


As this component of Daldhis project will have two identical sub-projects, one in Baidoa district and the other in Kismayo district, proposals’ amounts should range from a maximum of USD 200,000 for direct interventions in a single community/ activity (in Baidoa or Kismayo districts) to a maximum of USD 400,000 for direct interventions in both Baidoa and Kismayo districts as stated in the ToR. The potential partner who want to apply for the two sub-projects for both locations, should be aware of the criteria of selection. In addition, they should know that based on the criteria, applicants will be evaluated separately for each location.


The amount requested in the proposal should be commensurate with the organization’s administrative and financial management capabilities. Project duration will not exceed 12 months. Regarding the budget of the technical proposal of the partner, UNDP retains the right to negotiate with the partner, prior to signing agreement, to ensure value of money.




UNDP will review proposals through a five-step process:

  • determination of eligibility;
  • technical review of eligible proposals;
  • scoring and ranking of the eligible proposals based on the assessment criteria outlined in the previous section to identify highest ranking proposals;
  • round of clarification (if necessary) and verification (office presence, license to operate in target state/districts) with the highest scored proposals; and
  • Responsible Party Agreement (RPA) signature.




Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission.


Applicants must submit their proposals in one envelope to:

For electronic submission:

United Nations Development Programme

Asha Shidane





For hard copy submission Nairobi:


United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON),
UN Avenue, Gigiri
Pre-fab D5
P.O Box 28832-00200, Nairobi Kenya
Attn: Registry

NOTE: For hand deliveries security clearance, must be sought at least 24hrs prior to the day of submission and the following information will be required to be emailed to ;


Full names

I.D No.

Time of arrival

Vehicle/Motorcycle registration number


For hard copy submission Mogadishu:


UNDP Somalia, United Nations Common Compound, Airport rd., Mogadishu, Somalia c/o Shuayb Abdulkadir, email:, cc:


NOTE: For hand deliveries security clearance, must be sought at least 24hrs prior to the day of submission and the following information will be required to be emailed to,cc:


Full names

I.D No.

Time of arrival

Vehicle/Motorcycle registration number



OUTER ENVELOPE must include name of Offeror and the following reference:

Outer envelope should have the following information:

  • Name of bidder
  • REF. No.: UNDP/SOM/CFP/2017/009
  • Closing date of the CFP: format (17/07/2017 AT 12 NOON KENYAN/SOMALIA TIME)


Number of copies: 3 (1 original and 2 copies)


The following documents must be submitted in order for the submission to be considered:


  • Detailed Proposal
  • CVs of key personal proposed
  • Information and details of facility proposed for this youth focused project including photos of classes, training equipment and the GPS of the location. All in PDF format
  • Audited financial statements for past two years, including management report.
  • Copy of the registration certificate both at federal level and regional state level.
  • Any recommendation and endorsement letters from UN partners, INGOs and federal and the local administrations


Only one submission per organization is allowed. Once the application is complete and submitted, revised versions of proposal documents will not be accepted.


Submission Deadline

Proposals, with supporting documents, should be submitted by 17th July 2017 at 12 noon Kenyan/Somalia time.


Potential applicants should refer to the “Frequent Asked Questions” posted in UNDP’s website.


For additional questions about the Call for Proposals Guidelines or application forms, please e-mail, cc:

Note; UNDP reserves the right not to fund any proposals arising from this Call for Proposals


Estimate Competition Timeline

Below is an estimated timeline for this Call for Proposals.


21.06.2017: Call for Proposal opens and relevant documents are circulated.

17.07.2017: Deadline for organizations to submit proposals under this Call.

24.07.2017: Assessment and selection processes will take place.

7.08.2017: Selected applicants will be notified.



UNDP implements a policy of zero tolerance on proscribed practices, including fraud, corruption, collusion, unethical practices, and obstruction. UNDP is committed to preventing, identifying and addressing all acts of fraud and corrupt practices against UNDP as well as third parties involved in UNDP activities. (See and for full description of the policies)

In responding to this Call for Proposals, UNDP requires all Proposers to conduct themselves in a professional, objective and impartial manner, and they must at all times hold UNDP’s interests paramount. Proposers must strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own interests, and act without consideration for future work. All Proposers found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. Without limitation on the generality of the above, Proposers, and any of their affiliates, shall be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this solicitation process, if they:

* Are or have been associated in the past, with a firm or any of its affiliates which have been engaged UNDP to provide services for the preparation of the design, Terms of Reference, cost analysis/estimation, and other documents to be used in this competitive selection process;

* Were involved in the preparation and/or design of the programme/project related to the services requested under this Call for Proposals; or

* Are found to be in conflict for any other reason, as may be established by, or at the discretion of, UNDP.

In the event of any uncertainty in the interpretation of what is potentially a conflict of interest, proposers must disclose the condition to UNDP and seek UNDP’s confirmation on whether or not such conflict exists.



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